• 450€ /month

    • No deposit



  • 650€ /month

    • No deposit

    • Family flats are all reserved until the end of the year 2021


How to apply for a room at AnttiKorppi

  1. The exact date of arrival to AnttiKorppi

  2. The exact date of departure from AnttiKorppi

  3. Write your name exactly as it is written in your passport

  4. Write your active E-mail address

  5. Write your nationality

  6. Are you a female or a male

  7. Choose the rent option

  8. Do I want to be added to the waiting list

  9. Upload a selfie/a picture of yourself

  10. What are you studying

  11. Where are you studying

  12. Message to the Director of Housing


  • Director of Housing will review your application

  • You will receive a message/confirmation to your active E-mail address as soon as possible

  • We do not have official housing contracts to sign

  • AnttiKorppi Student House (Antti Korpin tie Oy) reserves the wright to cancel housing reservations if necessary at anytime

  • The reservation is made for a fixed period of time

  • If you want to leave earlier than originally agreed, you must give one (1) month’s notice, otherwise the rent of the following month is required

  • In case you want to extend your reservation, inform about it as soon as possible as the house is always booked months ahead




  • The office is open two (2) days / week

  • You must agree in advance with the Director of Housing, how to get the room key




  • You must check-out and return the key by 12:00 o’clock (noon) on the last day of the reservation

  • You must agree in advance with the Director of Housing, how to return the room key


Housing application at AnttiKorppi Student House

Please answer every question for a successful application