AnttiKorppi Student House 

  • The house accommodates foreign students, who come to Helsinki/Finland for a certain period of time

  • At AnttiKorppi, there are 6 floors, 49 cell flats, 3 small family flats

  • All cell flats consist of two single rooms sharing kitchen and bathroom

  • The cell flats are either for men or women, there are no mixed ones

  • Common room and balcony is shared by 8 persons on every floor

  • Cleaning, electricity, heating, water – are included to the rent

  • The rooms are furnished

    • Bedding / Sheets

    • Certain amount of pans, plates and pots


  • AnttiKorppi Student House other services

    • Bike shelters

    • Club room

    • Grill / Barbecue area

    • Gym (Fitness room)

    • Laundry room

    • Sauna room

    • Parking place for cars – additional charge


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24/07/2019 00:07
Because of high demand for housing at AnttiKorppi Student House, we recommend you to make...
23/07/2019 23:58
Because of high demand, AnttiKorppi Student House cell flats are almost reserved until the end of...
03/07/2019 22:13
TV sets Coffeemakers Microwave ovens   If you do, please write "BROKEN" on a...
26/06/2019 16:25
After 18 years of managing AnttiKorppi Student House, Ms. Leena Rautavaara retired...